Saturday, 8 December 2012

First Official Release for P500

The Official release (v0.1 - yes, it's the same number... deal with it) is now out.
Features... Very fast UI, Usable daily, OTA Updater, Power Widget
Big bugs: OMX not working, no microphone support in third party apps.

Other Bugs: Ocasional lag (especially when used heavily), Ocasional black screen (to fix it just press the power button like crazy, eventually it will come back to life), Ocasional "nothing on screen" when phone rings (to fix, press the power button to lock the screen and unlock it again; the incoming call window should be seen now).
I've only encountered these bugs a few times so nothing to worry about.


Monday, 12 November 2012


Welcome to the brand spanking new Cerebrum ROM.

This rom is an Android based rom built for speed and stability for lower-end phones.

This is simple. Many of us still have devices 2-4 years old that run very smooth and we don't want to give them up that easily. However, new versions of Android will not be supported by the manufacturers.
Enter Cerebrum. This is what we aim to do with this rom: bring our old devices in line with the new versions of Android, optimising as much as we can.